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HerbalAire H2.1

Product Details:
Product Code: HERFBRL82



The HerbalAire H2.1 is a compact versatile vaporizer.  At the top of the vaporizer is a Teflon fitting allowing the user to slip on a choice of a either a vapor whip or balloon.  The temperature can be regulated by a dial mounted in the front of the vaporizer.  So If your looking for a small, multifunctional vaporizer this is the one for you. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinder with your Vaporizer!



  • Mouthpiece (Teflon)
  • Mouthpiece Extensions (Teflon)
  • Drop In Crucible
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Cleaning/Storage Tube
  • Vapor Balloons
  • Vapor Balloon Mouthpieces
  • Whip
  • Pump
  • Pump Switch
  • Pump Tubing
  • Plug Connector


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