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Product Code: VAPOVYXA2

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Vapman Case Color



The Vapman portable vaporizer is one of the smallest portable vaporizers you will ever see. Hand made in Switzerland with an excellent wooden design that contours your fingers perfectly when gripping it. One of the greatest features of the Vapman is that it is pretty much impossible to over-fill. It's small herbal chamber almost guarantees you don't waste any of your material. Operating it is done simply by heating the bottom of the vape with a butane torch, taking only about 5-10 seconds to heat up and use. Adding to it's portability it comes with an egg shaped carrying case for you to take the Vapman where ever you need to go. So if you want a handheld portable vaporizer that won't bog you down, definitely check out the Vapman portable herbal vaporizer. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinder with your Vaporizer!



  • Hand Made in Switzerland
  • One of the Smallest Portable Vaporizers in the World
  • Top Rated and Highly Recommended by Users
  • Requires a Torch Flame Lighter (Included)


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